"Finding Kate"


Knife Edge In Fog, Mt. Katahdin, Maine

Finding Kate #1- 1/5 -2004

These images are photo-etchings printed on printmaking paper from an inked copper plate. The collaged image of the house was added as the final element. They are from original color photographs that have been converted to black and white. I have resized the image and manipulated the contrast to achieve the print quality and the feeling I wanted in the final etching. They are images of places and moments and people my wife Kate Mahoney and I loved and/or shared. She was a painter and a printmaker. She died June 10, 2003 after a seven year struggle with breast cancer.

The red house was taken from one of Kate's paintings via PhotoShop. This red house motif appears in a lot of her paintings and monotypes in the last couple years of her life. I think it symbolized a place of serenity and peace for her. It was where she wanted to go or where she wanted to end up, at peace with her illness, at peace with the possibility of leaving us, at peace with the probability of dying. She never got to Mt. Katahdin, the subject of several of these etchings. It turned out to be one of those unachieved goals she had. But Kate climbed a lot of mountains in her struggle with breast cancer, reaching what she thought was the summit only to turn around and see another mountain looming above her yet to climb. My two sons and I dedicated all of our Katahdin climbs to her since her diagnosis. We talked about her as we climbed and always thought she would join us one day at the top. Maybe now she has. Through this work I am finding Kate, finding her at peace in the world we shared and loved, and finding her everywhere in the world where our two sons and I still dwell.


April 2, 2004


Oil Paintings © Kate Mahoney




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