I used to live there but I now live here.

Antarctica-McMurdo Sound 1968

Antarctica-McMurdo Sound 1984

Lake Baikal, USSR-1990

Bikini Atoll 1991


Yarmouth, ME 1/17/2005

Owen Departs for 2nd Semester UMaine

Mount Townsend, Eastern Olympics, August 9, 2007

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Bill Curtsinger was born January 23, 1946, in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania. He grew up in southern New Jersey and attended Northern
Arizona University in Flagstaff and Arizona State University in Tempe.

A self-taught photographer Curtsinger was a member of the elite Navy
Photo Unit, Atlantic Fleet Combat Camera Group during the Vietnam War.

Specializing in underwater and natural history subjects, he has
photographed thirty-three articles, (six cover stories) for National
Geographic Magazine. His photo stories have also appeared in
Smithsonian, Outside, Time, Newsweek, Life, Audubon, Natural History,
and other publications worldwide.

Curtsinger has photographed a number of books, including Wake of the
Whale an exhibit format series book published by David Brower, the
dean of the modern American environmental movement. Other titles
include The Pine Barrens of New Jersey, Monk Seal Hideaway, Under
Antarctic Ice, and and a series of children's books on plankton called
Sea Soup. His latest book Extreme Nature - Images from the World’s
Edge, a 400 page retrospective of his work was published in nine
languages and in eleven countries in October, 2005.

His image of a sea turtle hatchling was selected to appear on the
cover of the National Geographic 100 Best Pictures collector's
edition, and six of his photos were featured in National Geographic
100 Best Wildlife Pictures.

Bill lives in Port Townsend, Washington with his wife Sue Ohlson.


Night Carrier Ops, USS Forrestal, CVA-59



F4 Phantoms From VF-11, Hooks Down Enter Landing Pattern, USS Forrestal, CVA-59




My Inspiration

He has photographed seven books and had his work published in hundreds more;

"WAKE OF THE WHALE", written by Kenneth Brower, and published in 1980 by E.P. Dutton, N.Y., & David Brower of Friends of the Earth, San Francisco.

"His photographs of whales, seals, and dolphins that appeared in Wake of the Whale, were the first look at many marine mammal species in their natural habitats around the world, and helped launch an international interest in whales, seals, and dolphins, and their plight. To date, there is no single photographic collection of marine mammal images equal to those published in Wake of the Whale.".... David Brower, 1999.

"THE PINE BARRENS SPECIAL EDITION", written by John McPhee, published by Farrar Strauss & Giroux, NY, 1981.

"MONK SEAL HIDEAWAY", written by Diane Ackerman, published by Crown Books, N.Y., in 1995.

"SEA SOUP I", Phytoplankton; a children's book about phytoplankton,Tilbury House, Publishing, December 1999

"SEA SOUP II", Zooplankton; a children's book about zooplankton, Tilbury House, Publishing, March, 2001.

" LIFE UNDER ICE": a children's book about underwater Antarctica,Tilbury House, Publishing, June, 2003.

"EXTREME NATURE", Images from the World’s Edge,

a 400 page retrospective of his work published in nine languages and in eleven countries in October, 2005.

Written and photographed by Bill Curtsinger, White Star Publishers  October, 2005

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